Urban Dirt has been painting for over 20 years, but after competing in Manchester Art Battle in 2017, his career has spiralled. He now travels all over painting wall murals and creating custom pieces.

Urbs creates murals for your home, both indoor and outdoor, and also commercial pieces. He has painted for companies such as O2, Amazon, Boohoo, Media City, NSPCC, as well as independent businesses, bars, and music festivals. 

He often releases original paintings and now has collectors all over the globe and original pieces in over 10 countries.

Ask him how he does it, and his reply is the same every time...


"I dont know man, I just love painting". 

He is also somewhat of a live art veteran, competing in art battles, live art events, painting live at music festivals and corporate events.


Outside of his painting life, you can find Urbs spending time with his little girl causing mischief around town, out in the hills on his mountain bike, or out on a coast catching the sea breeze. 


If you have any questions or would like to talk about a booking please email Urbs at urbandirtcustomart@hotmail.com