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Tattoo work


Lee has worked in a couple of studios over the years, but after a bit of a break he is now at Skin Graffiti in Bury. An old school studio, and one of the longest standing studios in Greater Manchester. Working along side Jimmy Lomax and Chris Henry, the team offer high quality, awesome tattoos for good honest prices. 

Get in touch with your ideas or have Lee design something for you. He is also regularly uploading pieces hed like to do on his tattoo socical media page UD Tattoos 

Prices per piece

Day rate £350

Minimum charge £40

Skin Graffiti

141 Rochdale Road


Bl9 7BA

Urban Dirt takes on the following commissions;
Wall Murals,
Canvas Art,
Custom Art,
Portrait Work,
Pet Portrait Work,
Live Art,
One on One Tutorials
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